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I'd like to take you on a journey towards your true self.

There is a whole world to discover inside of you with the help of your own voice. There is a longing to connect deeper with your inner voice so you can expres your true self more freely. 

We will dive into aspects of vocal release, mantra singing, inquiry, body work, technique and soundhealing. For every person there is a different recipe and what that will be, we will discover together. I work intuitively in the moment and use the tools I've gained a long my own path of self discovery.

You can book an one off session with me

or you can choose for a program

Inner Voice Sessions


Your voice is a powerful tool to connect with what's going on in your inner world. A tool to express, give sound, and set in motion what hasn't quite been met before. Our voice is an instrument to touch others on a deep level, and to be our guide to discover our true nature

In my sessions it's not so much about learning new vocal skills, but above all embracing what's still getting in the way for you to be fully yourself. In a playful way we will discover those qualities, and you will learn how to meet your own voice fresh, every single time.
In addition, I can help you with techniques to maintain your voice, learn to play mantras and offer body work oriented tools to bring yourself home in your heart.

For these sessions you don't need to have any singing experience.  


One off session: €175,- 

(tax not included)


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"I feel like we've sunk a little deeper today. Really dare to trust; 'I've got you, life has got you'. May I receive guidance. I really don't have to use my head to figure out what to do. But in this you can really enjoy the guidance from within, from my body, from my heart.

And suddenly tonight my desire started flowing again, 30 years of impatience is dissolving now haha, grateful.." - Verie

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"..It really helped me to go all the way down the road to feel what was there under the surface. iIfelt so lost, unseen and disconnected from everything.

Once this feeling was allowed to be expressed I felt so much relieve" - Nadia


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The inner voice trajectory

The inner voice program focuses on living from your essence. Giving expression to your pure voice. You will see that your voice is a clear mirror of your inner landscape. This program gives you the opportunity to embrace your true sound and use your voice as an inner guide. We will dive into inquiry together, regaining knowledge about what your voice truly has to offer. 

This program has been set up as a coaching trajectory in which we use tools such as;

Vocal release;

Without wanting the voice to sound a certain way we will give space to your voice to express all colours of the spectrum. With the use of the shamanic drum, Shruti box and my guidance I'll give space for you to discover how certain emotions and energies can be expressed through your voice.


The practice of mantra singing has been done for centuries to quiet down the mind and open up the heart. The repetition of the Sanskrit words will ignite the qualities of your true essence to come forth and to guide your way back home, into the heart. From that place you can experience your true essence, your true voice.


Toning is a way of tuning the body to it's natural state of being. By toning we can rebalance our system, so that what is stagnated in our body, mind and energy field can be released. There are many different toning practices that we will discover.


Reflecting about and feeling into what is rising in the moment. In these sessions patterns may come to the surface that are withholding you from living freely. Together we will have a look and reflect on what is still holding you back. It happens that during a session all we do is inquire and reflect, so don't be surprised if there won't be any singing sometimes.

Reiki and sound healing;

There will be moments when it's nice to receive instead of doing yourself. Or when a little energetic healing can help to set some stagnation in motion.


The inner voice program is an individual trajectory and is tailored to your needs. The program gives the opportunity to refine your true voice. You can choose the following routes. With each program you may receive audio and exercises so you can keep practicing at home. 


6 week program: includes 3 face to face sessions, 

3 month program: includes 6 face to face sessions

6 month program: includes 12 face to face sessions

" I was looking for someone who was able to help me to use my voice as a healing instrument for myself and others. With Leonie I feel more and more safe to open myself and to sing from my heart and soul. I'm so much enjoying learning more about my own voice and myself." - Maartje


6 week program: €525,-

3 month program: €1050,-

*9% tax not included (payment is done before the first session)

" I had an immediate good feeling with Leonie by her soft and 'all is welcome' energy. That everything is okay. In a very short time Leonie guided me through different layers of fears where then I was able to sing from my true core. Beautiful to feel such a difference in a short period of time.'"- Fleur

For more info and/or to book sessions:

*Cancelation policy: within 48 hours no refund

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