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Since 2021 I've been bringing my work to the corporate scene where we implement these teachings at the work floor. Specially for woman there is still a stigma on speaking up, and owning your voice. There have been many positive changes over the last view years but it surprises me that there is still a massive difference between man and woman

in the corporate scene.

The change doesn't start with fighting the old, but changing from within and owning your voice. There is no need for woman to fight for their place. That is a very masculine movement. But we need to learn how to speak from our core. From our centre and own our truth. To embody our strength and values. Listening to your own intuition.

There are so many things not talked about that are so important for a more healthier work environment.

We have created a very masculine system that simply doesn't work for woman, and for man

Man are also tired of this, and I belief that when the feminine stands up from within, we can shift into a new paradigm where there is more balance.

And with feminine and masculine I am talking about the qualities in both man and woman.

I am guiding the group in a safe container. It is very important that this work happens with the upmost clarity about confidentiality. It can be very vulnerable to open up in front of your co-workers but I truly belief that this is really the way forward for more understanding and connection. 

At the moment I am only guiding female groups.

In the future I will open up this work for mixed and male groups. 

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