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Before end of July



Go Fund my new Album

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Go Fund my new Album

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Before end of July


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Hi there :)

Thank you so much for visiting my GoFundMe page!

As I have set my intention for 2023: 'Expand beyond borders' to promote my latest album 'Finally Here'

It's also time to birth new creations I have made over the past few years, that have patiently been waiting on the shelf. My own medicine songs. Music that I have created as medicine for my own heart as well as for others that resonate with it.

I want to share my story with you.

My latest album, apart from Finally Here and Grandmother, are mostly mantra's.

But my truest passion lies with my own songs, words that are being alchemized out of the transformations I go through in this life. The processes and the revelations I find within myself.

Some of them like 'Softly' , 'Witch' , 'Woman of the elements' , Aphrodite's song' and 'Particles of light' I perform already at my concerts and livestreams and I can not wait to dive into the studio to record them and bring them to life.

But I need your help and support to make that happen.

The costs to record an album are beyond what I make for a living as an independent artist. 'But how did you afford the latest album then?' you might wonder.

A loan, I am still paying off. So that was great but I don't wanna be paying off loans for the coming years so not gonna repeat that again ;)

Over the last years I've had a lot of support with donations which I'm so grateful for, so I'm hoping that your contribution now will help me to dive into the studio ASAP.

How I will use the money:

* Recording

* Mixing

* Paying musicians

* Marketing & promotion

* Album art

* CD production

* Video clip (s)

* Album Release Concert

Anything is truly welcome, if you have a lot to share or only the amount of a coffee, it's all very welcome ♥️

Anyone donating from €150,- will receive the album as soon as its ready and printed (please be patient it may take 1 year for it to be ready) and make sure you send me your address and email details in order for me to send it to you!

It will also help me a lot when you share this fundraiser with your friends, followers and family

Thank you so much! I can't wait to dive into the studio and keep you updated on the whole recording proces! Which of course I will!

My goal is to raise the money by the end of July

Lots of love,


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