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My Story

Since the moment I discovered the impact of my voice on others and myself,

I dreamt of a life sharing my voice with the whole world.

Musical theatre came on my path and the picture I painted for myself brought me all over the world. 

Literally all over the world, with cruiseships. 

Caribbean, Asia, all parts of Europe, Russia. I've seen a lot ;)
I lived in London for about 4 years trying to get my musical career of the ground.

And I moved to Bali for 7 months to find my Self when life turned my world upside down.

I am so grateful for that period cause I would not have wanted to miss all those incredible journeys and people.

But up until 4 years ago I was still chasing after some kind of dream. A perfect picture I imagined for myself.

Having a desire isn't wrong, and chasing your dreams can bring you to the most amazing places. But I am re-membering now more and more that,

the more I let go of how my life should look like,

the more life surprises me with things I could have never imagined.

All those things I thought were IT were only a direction to a new way that I could not have imagined with my brain. 

And it's a very scary thing to just sit behind the wheel and start driving into a white canvas. But funny enough, the colours and pictures start to appear the moment I start doing things just because it feels good. Without wanting a certain outcome.

The Inner Voice

When I lived in Bali in 2016 I had a glimpse of what is becoming reality right now.

There was something about vocal coaching that intrigued me, but I knew I didn't want to become a vocal coach. I started 2 years ago with vocal coaching and soon I realised that I had something else to offer then teaching people how to sing.

It wasn't just about training the voice. Something happend every time someone came for a session. On a much deeper level. 

I know that I am here to support others on their journey of transformation and inner work.

A journey I have taken myself, and still am.

The voice lays literally in between our heart and our head

it's our tool to self express, to go within and to connect with the outer world

Your voice is the closest thing (in my experience) to the soul. It's like there is nothing in between. It's like your voice is the sound of your soul.

So imagine for a second what happens when, as a young child, someone says to you; ulgh stop singing! you can not sing!

It's like someone telling you; your soul shouldn't be exposed like that!

On so many levels you feel like it's not okay for you to express yourself.

But when you do anything to express yourself from your heart, from your soul it's a very open and beautiful thing. It's the most natural thing in the world, to live from your heart. But many years of oppression have made us believe differently.

Like any other tool (meditation, yoga, tantra, dancing, plant medicine, books, therapy) the voice can be used as a guide to remember

who and what you truly are. 

Sound and Healing

For many years I have been using my voice as a healing tool.

During plant-medicine ceremonies I discovered that when we move through the layers of our emotions, patterns and trauma's and we create space within, we come closer and closer to our true inner voice.

We are not trying to get rid of, but we are moving through, from a space of awareness and that what has been trying to move through your system back to source, will get the space to do so.

And thus you are clearing your own channel.


All of the singing circles, concerts and performances I do are with this intention. The songs I create from my own journey and my own heart. The Mantra's and sacred songs we sing. And the sounds that are coming through when I simply let my voice stream.

This knowing is hidden within ourselves and its my mission to awaken that within you.

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