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In short


Born and raised in "down to earth" Holland (The Netherlands) singer songwriter Leonie Bos has been pursuing her dream of sharing her soul through the sound of music, since the age of 15.

Alchemizing her insights of life into her songs, her own medicine. 

Heart opening music to reconnect on a deeper level. Bridging worlds together again as one by weaving the different influences of music she has touched upon. 

Her voice vibrates the song of a soul touched by all the colours that life holds. Bringing the listener closer to them-self.


With her witty personality, and grounded being it is easy to relate and connect with her, as she includes all of life into her songs. The light and the darkness. 


In service of divinity on earth.


Since 2020 Leonie has been a great support to many joining her Morning Livestream sessions.

A moment of deep healing for herself and others. 

Which resulted in her latest Album 'Finally Here'.

Many concerts have emerged since that album release.


Leonie also guides powerful Inner Voice workshops and retreats to help others find their own inner voice. Teaching about the great potential that we carry, and creating a safe space to meet all that we are. 

Currently a documentary about her life as a conscious artist and inner voice coach is in the make and will be revealed somewhere 2024. She is also working hard on her debut album. 

More in depth 

Since the moment she discovered the impact of her voice on others and herself,

Leonie dreamt of a life sharing her voice with the whole world.

This dream awakened in her the moment she stood foot on the big stage as a 15 year old girl. She played the roll of 'Louisa von Trap' in Stage Entertainment 'The Sound of Music' musical. 


Life before the Sound of Music was quite turbulent. In a way a normal childhood but she didn't fit at all into the school system as a creative and sensitive young girl. Her mother got diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 13/14 years old. And after her mother was announced "clean" her father all of the sudden got terribly ill and died of long-cancer in a time period of 3 months. 

The big stage all of the sudden was a safe landing as she finally found her big passion, and a way to express herself. But the contrast was big. Going from a very unstable and painful place to a magical wonderland with spotlights.

So from that moment on it was about constantly chasing those lights.

She painted a picture for herself bringing her all over the world. 

Literally, when she joined Aida Cruise-lines as solo artist. 
Moved to London in 2012 for about 4 years still chasing the bar she set for herself, where it all started with; The big stage, the big spotlight.  

In 2015 she moved back to The Netherlands to be closer to her Mother who stepped into the last stages of her life.

That year she also joined 3 tv rounds of The Voice of Holland, whilst starting a deep journey with plant medicine ceremonies. This is where she truly found her authentic voice and the beginning of the life she is perusing now, started to blossom

When her mom eventually passed away January 2016, she moved to Bali for 7 months to recover and to truly take the journey within. 


This was a time for deep healing and truly getting to know herself.

And the beginning of writing her own medicine, her first album. Many of the songs which you can find on the 'Live and Acoustic' album, recorded in one afternoon in nature.

Now for many years Leonie has been using her voice as a healing tool.

She discovered that when moving through the layers of our emotions, patterns and trauma's, and we create space within, we come closer and closer to our true inner voice.

We are not trying to get rid off, but we are moving through, from a space of awareness and that what has been trying to move through your system back to source, will get the space to do so.

And thus you are clearing your own channel.


The famous 2020

A blessing in disguise when 'lockdown' arrived. A full focus on the road forward and all that no longer aligned with this mission fell away. To keep her practice going during lockdown she started with livestream sessions every morning. Singing her own songs and mantra's. Warmly welcomed by many people who needed this space of connection and healing music.

In 2022 her Mantra and Sacred Song Album 'Finally Here' was released with a very successful album release concert at the Dominicus Church in Amsterdam.

Right now Leonie is focussing again on releasing more healing songs and growing internationally, sharing her voice and music to sing for the world. No longer chasing spotlights, but becoming a beacon of light herself.

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