Finally here...

A creation that arose as a request from you,

after many online singing circles, full moon singing circles, retreats and mantra concerts this album is finally here..

Piece by piece I will release the songs starting with

Grandmother and Gayatri.

The whole album is expected to be fully available soon

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About the song:

5 years ago, the lines of  'Grandmother.. Mother..  Sister.. and Daughter..' were given to me with the request to create a song for a woman circle.

The writer of these words is unknown.

Ever since that moment I have sung the Grandmother song at almost every

Singing Circle and concert.

From the first moment this song touched my heart deeply

and it has rooted her essence into the centre of my being. 

She has grown into this powerful prayer calling upon the souls meant to hear her,

feel her and sing her.

Feeling so much gratitude to officially release her into the world.

My intention with this video is for us to do better, from now on.

For our Gaia, for our home, our Mother.

For ourselves, as we are the earth. We are made from the essence of her being. 

So yes.. we messed up big time, but we will do better, from now on. 

Not fighting out of anger and fear, but creating from love and trust. 

We are the ones she has been waiting for, she created us to do better,

from this moment on and forever.  


Gayatri song art.jpeg


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