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New album OUT NOW!

You can purchase my music here in my store.

I highly appreciate it. The physical Album is only available here, or at concerts.

Many more items in the make!

Finally here (CD+Song-booklet)

Finally here (CD+Song-booklet)

VAT Included

Proud to announce the New Album release of Finally Here!

This is a physical CD with the Lyrics and Chords in the Album Booklet. 


A collection of mantra songs and sacred songs. 


1) Baba Nam Kevalam

Gil Lopez, Leonie Bos
2) Gayatri ft praam

praam, Leonie Bos, Gil Lopez

3) Hari Om

Gil Lopez, Leonie Bos

4) Adamah

Leonie Bos, Terence Samson, Tali Gross, Gil Lopez

5) Green Tara

Gil Lopez, Leonie Bos

6) Shri Radhe 

Gil Lopez, Leonie Bos

7) Grandmother

Gil Lopez, Leonie Bos, Tali Gross, 

8) Medicine Buddha ft Tijn Touber

Gil Lopez, Leonie Bos, Tijn Touber, Terence Samson

9) Ide Were

Hajo Sanders, Leonie Bos, Terence Samson

10) Shakti Jay

Leonie Bos, Gil Lopez, Tali Gross, Terence Samson

11) Hanuman

Gil Lopez, Leonie Bos

12) Finally Here

Leonie Bos


Porduction by Gil Lopez, Subwave productions

Mastering by Michiel Cornelisseing, Blaisdell studio

Album Cover Photo by Emma Brasser

Illustration by Leonie Bos

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