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Thank you so much
You are supporting me directly 

when you purchase my products.

I highly appreciate it. 

These products are also send by me personally, incase I am on tour it may take a little longer for them to arrive.

WITCH flower essence spray (50 ml)

WITCH flower essence spray (50 ml)

VAT Included

A flower essence created by Leonie

Some years ago I created big bottles of flower essence that I used during ceremony. To bring tranquility and sweet softness, grounding and settling in. 
A blend with my own essence in a bottle. 


Many rose petals

Paulo santo wood
Poppy flower petals from Croatia and the Netherlands

Pure tobacco essence 

Vodka 40%


Essential oils

  • Elderflower 
  • Vanille 
  • Rose 


Every bottle contains a small rose or clear quarts crystal


spray 50 ml



Spray around your energetic body (your aura) 

Or spray in your hands, rub them together and smell (inhale) through the nose


*Please check for yourself if you have any allergies to any of the above ingredients. Use of this product is one's own responsibility 
The essential oils are deluted but still can be intense for direct skin contact

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