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Terms and Conditions

Voluntary Participation
Taking part in the retreat is completely voluntary. Any practice or exercise offered is a suggestion. It is your own free choice and responsibility to participate.

Leonie Bos and Marloes Hovestad will not be liable for processes that will require professional attention after the retreat.


Payments will be done by bank transfer. Details will be provided with the registration email.

Your spot in the event is reserved once we have received the non- refundable enrollment fee. This fee is in fact NON-REFUNDABLE, so make sure you’re fully committed. Upon payment of the enrollment fee you’ll receive an invoice. This invoice will also show the date and amount of the rest payment.

Cancellation Policy
In case of cancellation MORE than a month prior to the retreat we will refund the rest payment. The enrollment fee will not be refunded.

In case of cancellation LESS than one month prior to the retreat NO money will be refunded.


Health Forms
In order for us to take proper care of safety during the retreat you are obliged to provide accurate information on the state of your physical, emotional and mental health.

In case of important information lacking, Leonie Bos and Marloes Hovestad can NOT be held liable for any unwanted consequences that participation in the retreat has on the participant.


Travelling To & From The Event
We do not arrange transportation to and from the retreat centre. This will be your own responsibility. We will provide a telegram group for the participants to offer the opportunity to arrange transportation together.


Food & Allergies/Intolerances
Food is included in the retreat.

We will take allergies and intolerances into consideration, within the capacity of the retreat center. We will ask for diet details in our registration forms.

Roles & Ethics

During the retreat we will:

  • Create a safe space for you to explore your own individual  process.

  • Support you when needed.

  • Keep track of your unfolding(therapeutic/emotional) process.

  • Take care of any practical matters.


Any personal information shared with us and the team will be regarded as confidential and will under NO circumstance be shared with any third party. This includes written information shared in forms prior to - as well as verbal information shared during - the retreat.
However, within the team we WILL share any information about process, trauma’s and personal background that are of importance for proper care and safety.

With regards to any information shared by your fellow participants we ask you to handle that with integrity. Meaning that you will NOT share any details about other people’s process, names and actions outside the retreat. What happens at the retreat, stays at the retreat! We also ask of you NOT to give any advice and/or personal opinion about the process of another participant unless directly asked by that person.


Audio/Video Recordings
In general, we don’t allow any mobile or electronic devices inside the ceremonial space. Under no circumstance will video recording by participants be allowed during the sessions. In some cases,

we will allow audio recording for personal use, but ONLY when given consent up front by Leonie or Marloes.


Lost & Found
Leonie Bos and Marloes Hovestad will not take any responsibility for item(s) lost or forgotten at the retreat. Any found item(s) while cleaning up will be left at the retreat centre. You can contact the people there to possibly retrieve your item(s).

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