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Voice of Freedom workshops & retreats 

After many years of coaching sessions, concerts and singing circles,

it's time to bring these teachings to a bigger crowd. 

This is where the magic truly happens,
when we dive into the wisdom of our voice. 

Your voice is a powerful tool to connect with what's going on in your inner world.

A tool to express, give sound, and set in motion what hasn't quite been met before.

An instrument to touch others on a deep level,
and to be our guide to discover our true nature.

No need for any experience but the willingness to truly meet your Self. 
The lyrics of my song 'Voice of Freedom' describes the whole meaning of this evening:

..Use your voice
Your voice of freedom
send it out, by going in
clear the noice
by going through the feelings
you'll make it out
by going in..

If you feel the call to step out of your comfort zone and step into the light.
If you are ready to see what has been holding you back all this time
And if you want to discover all that your voice has to offer.

In an intimate group-setting I will guide you through many exercises 

where we will discover the magic of your own voice. All that is holding you back to speak up. 

We will learn how to communicate with each other more authentically 

and create space within and outside of the comfortzone.

**At the moment there are no organized workshops or retreats.** 

You can request a workshop if you have at least 10 participants.

For info email:

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