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A 2 month journey to

re-discover, explore and embody your own inner voice.

The Netherlands

A new group with 8 woman will start in April 2024
interested in joining?
(Keep in mind that this will be a 3 month journey.)

Send me an email


Extremely excited to offer this program again to you.

This is where we really get to work and dive deep into our own being. A journey that has been unfolding within myself over the last 10 years.

I am happy to create this space to offer my work with you.


Sound-healing is, in my opinion, the most underestimated source and remedy of

'coming back into your own'

where healing will naturally accure.

And what better instrument than our own voice.


I have created a very rich program for you where you will get the best of what I have to offer in this work. With a group of max. 8 woman we will create an intimate container to truly meet ourselves.

This program includes:

7x Sunday Morning Live Sessions

Starting Sunday the ...TBA.... we will gather every other week at the beautiful location 'The Studiio' near Amsterdam. Where I will guide a 4 hours session with an intimate group of max 8 woman. Working with our chakra system - Vocal Toning - Voice Liberation - Womb Healing - Authentic Relating - Self Reflection - Mantra Singing and More.

We will have a break for tea/coffee and a little snack.

8:30 am till 12:30 am (Lunch not included)

Guest Teachers

I will be inviting a few quest teachers to share their knowledge and teachings with you. Including breathwork, throat de-armourning and more to be announced.

The Healing wisdom of Horses and Music

This program includes a very special session with the horses that I offer together with my sister Illja Bos. Illja works as a systemic horse coach and since two years we have combined our individual work offering monthly group sessions in Amstelveen. 

Plant Medicine Ceremonie

For about 7 years I work with plant medicine sharing my voice and essence during ceremony. This program also includes a gentle plant medicine ceremonie guided by a professional team at a beautiful location in nature. This will be a day retreat. The plant teachers will be Truffels, Kapi and Mapacho (tobacco plant)

* Incase you truly feel not ready for these plant teachers,

this can be optional. 

Closing Ritual

Bringing ritual back into modern and daily life. Such a powerful way to embody and start integrating the re-connection with your inner wisdom and to reinforce your intensions. 

Together we are going to explore the healing wisdom that our own voice carries within.

• Working with the chakra's •
• Reflection and dialogue  •
• Toning/Sounding •
• Mantra •
• Voicing our inner world •
• Speaking our truth •
• Breath work •
• Authentic Relating•
• Singing with your whole body •
• Quest teachers •
• Guidance on how to use your voice as a healing tool for yourself and others. •
• private online chat group •

Value of this program €2800


€1999 (including tax) 

*Payment plan is available

3 instalments of 700,-

These prices above are still based on the previous 2 month journey. As the next journey will be 3 months the prices will rise. TBA soon


It will be an intimate group of max 8 woman.


*A minimum of 6 participants is needed for this program to take off


With joining this program you will have a 30 min zoom call with me personally as I would love to get to know you and hear about your intention. You can ask me your questions and specially for the plant-medicine ceremony it's a requirement to do this intake session.

Your intention will also create the framework of this program, as I am at your service. So please let me know what you wish to get out of these two months and together we will set the tone.


This program is for you if you are familiar with my work and truly want to dive in.

In the first place you do this for yourself. Maybe you are also on a path of sharing this kind of work in your own authentic way, then I warmly welcome you into this space. But it is no requirement. You also do not have to be a singer. It is not about becoming a professional singer. But if you are, then you are of course also welcome ;)


This program is about you meeting yourself and growing into your own capacity to expand and embody all that you are.

The more we free ourselves from within, the more our voice will mirror and reflect this freedom. And the more effortlessly the voice will stream through us. Opening up your channel for the soul, the divine, for life that wants to effortlessly create through you.

This program will most likely be in Dutch, incase someone doesn't understand this language,

it will be in English.

Dates for the Sunday mornings at

The Studiio

• 8:30 - 12:30 •

The plant-ceremony will  be on a Saturday

Morning till late afternoon/evening

The Healing Wisdom of Horses will be

a Sunday afternoon

Feel free to send me an email with all your questions.

You can also request a short call with me

incase you are very excited but not a 100% sure.

No refund within 1 month before the program starts.

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Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 22.21.16.png

Guest Facilitators

For this program I am inviting different guest facilitators to share their knowledge and wisdom in the field they specialise in.

Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 20.03.05.png


I have picked out some very beautiful locations that resonate and contribute very well to this program. Places where I personally feel held and that are carried by beautiful souls.

The Studiio - Sunday Mornings

Āranya Roots - Plant medicine ceremony
Van Stal - De Helende Wijsheid van Paarden en Muziek


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