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for women

Very excited to be offering The Embodied Retreat,

at the beautiful Rose Mountain Retreat Center in Portugal, Algarve.

November 11th - 17th 2024


We are taking you on a journey of reconnecting deeper within the body,

with your own breath and voice.

To expand your inner container and capacity for presence & awareness

and to increase the silence, self-love and compassion.

To deepen your self-knowledge and learn to make space for your most authentic expression.

In this retreat we use the body as a gateway.

It’s about listening to, trusting and following the body.

Every cell of your body is dripping with wisdom.

To be in the body, is to be in deep trust. Even if it’s uncomfortable at times.


It’s our vision to re-awaken the intelligence within our own body. To reconnect with spirit and to embody the wisdom that wants to stream through us. 


We invite you to reclaim the wise woman within and rekindle the sisterhood

that has been lost

for many centuries.

We invite you to reclaim your own authentic voice

within this world.

Breath is the vehicle
of the voice

We have created a very rich program combining the best of what we both have to offer. 

With a group of sixteen women we will create an intimate, safe container to truly meet each other and ourselves. The focus in all practices is on your self-exploration, your experience and your ability to observe yourself. Alongside a mix of playfulness, silence, fun and resting in the nourishing natural surroundings of the Rose Mountain. 


We will work shamanically, with the breath, the voice, meditation, movement,

different forms of breathwork, soundhealing and self reflection. All the practices and tools we share, will empower you to continue your journey of embodiment after the retreat. 


The more we free ourselves from within, the more our voice and our whole being will mirror and reflect this freedom. When we are opening up our channel for the divine, life and creation can flow through us more effortlessly. 


The Rose Mountain
Retreat Center

This magical  and luxurious place, the Rose Mountain, will be the holding space for our week together.

The keepers of this land are the beautiful (Dutch) couple Melanie and Bas living there with their 2 children. They are making sure that all the retreats that are being held, are with the purest of intentions. Making this a very potent place for transformation and healing.

And we are honoured to be invited with our program. 

There will definitely be time and space to enjoy the beauty of the Rose Mountain, to rest and recharge.

Every day you'll be nourished with very yummie, healthy and organic food from La Mama Gaia.

Who is this for? 

This retreat is for every woman who wants to get more in touch with herself. That wants to learn how to and strengthen the ability to stay in the body, without dissociating from that which may arise in the body. For every woman who is ready to expand and embody all that she is. 


About Ademloes

Marloes focuses on healing from within. Letting go of emotional baggage, profound healing at the cellular level, living more consciously and gaining more self-insight. Marloes facilitates breathwork, energetic bodywork (soft touch de-armouring) and coaching. The combination creates a powerful process of healing and transformation. It supports you in encountering (un)conscious tensions, fear, sadness and trauma that are stuck in your body and opens your heart to more awareness, compassion and self-love. When we respect the body's pace, with gentle touch and intention, we create a space where the body can safely open and healing can take place.

More info:

About Leonie

For Leonie music has always been the guiding light and anchor from a very young age. Living live as a singer songwriter is alchemizing and weaving the inner world, emotions and insights, into song. Turning it into medicine. From this she learned how music heals. For the last 7 years Leonie has been guiding others to remember the wisdom that our voice carries. Peeling back the layers of identification and creating space within, to allow a deeper presence to stream through. 

Coming back into our own. Reconnecting with the voice within. Creating a soft landing place for others with Inner Voice Journey's, workshops, plant medicine ceremonies, and of course concerts.


More info: 


Sign Up

Price 2450,-

(including 750 euro non-refundable enrolment fee and 21%vat)

Price includes:

  • Teachings 

  • Accommodation in a shared 2 bedroom (single beds)

  • Organic plant based food 

(transfer from and to the airport is not included)


For our cancellation policy, please check our terms and conditions. 

In order to join,

sign up by paying the non refundable enrolment fee

Sign Up

How to get there

Arrival: Monday 11th from 5 pm

Departure: Sunday 17th till 11 am


Faro is 45 min drive to the retreat center
Lisbon is 2 u 15 min drive to the retreat center

From Feb & March 2024 you can already book your flights for November 2024


How are the rooms divided? 
There are large double rooms in the main house and there are tiny houses where the shared bathroom is in-between the two smaller bedrooms. There are no single rooms available. You either share a double room in the main house or a tiny house with another woman.

Do you provide shuttle service from and to the airport?

You have to arrange your own transportation.

Incase many people arrive at the same time at the airport, the retreat center can arrange a taxi for more people so you can share the costs. You still have to pay for this yourself

I have never sang before, can I join?
This retreat is not about being a singer. We are going to work with the voice as a tool to explore our inner world. Everyone is welcome

I have never done breathwork before, can I join?
Definitely, we will also send out a survey after your sign up with some questions. This retreat is a beautiful way to start with this practice as well. Marloes also guides online breathwork sessions, check out her agenda to already have a first experience.

Will there be free time?
Yes, we find integration time very important on a journey like this. The sessions also might be intense and can be quite powerful. So it's important to take time to rest and integrate. We will have one afternoon off to explore the surroundings. And we will definitaly invite dancing and singing moments to celebrate and enjoy together.

How many people can join?
We have space for 16 woman. When we are full we will open up the dorm space so we can invite 4 more woman to join. The dorm will be lightly discounted but only available when we have 16 sign ups.

What food will be served?
The Rose Mountain has a very experienced chef that will provide very tasty, healthy plantbased breakfast, lunch, in between snacks and dinner for us. On the arrival day there will be dinner served. And on the last Sunday breakfast. 

What time can we check in on Monday the 11th?
Between 5pm and 10pm you are welcome. Incase your flight arrives early, there are some amazing beautiful places you should definitely go and visit. 

What is the weather like in November in the Algarve?
The temperature is still very nice in november, between 18 and 21 degrees. In the evening it becomes already a bit chilly so take a sweater with you and comfy socks. Yes there is also rain in November, but let's not invite that for our week ;)

Any more questions?
Send us an email


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